Septic Covers

Even large items can be concealed quickly and easily.

We feature several models that cover large septic risers, commercial grease traps, holding tanks and manholes. So instead of eyesores, you can blend them right into the landscape with models 103, 111, 112 and our NEW model 113. This vertical rock can cover vent pipes up to 33 inches tall!

Smaller rocks can be used to cover septic cleanouts and vent pipes, while models 101 and 109 are perfect for concealing blowers and compressors.

Faux Rock Details

A Note About Measurement: Length and width measurements for each product are taken at the base. The height measurement is the highest point of each rock. Because the shapes are irregular, these measurements are guides for how large an item will fit under the enclosure. Each product has a 'Usable Interior Dimensions' reference file to download.

If you have any questions about whether an item will work with a particular rock, please contact us and we will assist you.

Most rock models are available in four colors

Color - Autumn BluffColor - FieldstoneColor - RiverbedColor - Sandstone

Note: Each rock is unique and colors may vary.

Built to last

stakesFlange Design

Dekorra Rock Enclosures offer features that set them apart from competitors.

Our patented flange design secures the enclosure to the ground. Heavy-duty stakes are included with each model. The sturdy reinforced edge around the bottom of each model adds weight and strength competitors do not offer. Dekorra Rock Enclosures can withstand 100 pounds per square foot!

Made in the USARecyclable MaterialAll products are proudly made in the USA and manufactured using recyclable materials.

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